Digital Media Online Inc.

Digital Media Online, Inc. ( DMO ) is the corporate home of one of the top online publishers. Through our industry specific hubs, over 120 distinct web sites and many desirable newsletters we provide compelling content to millions of dedicated online viewers. Catering to the technologically savvy consumer and the professional digital content creator we offer a unique, synergetic range of marketing opportunities.

Digital Media Net

Digital Media Net ( DMN ) has the largest portfolio of vertical publications serving professionals involved in all aspects of digital media. DMN focuses on distinct market segments, including streaming media, digital video, animation, special effects, desktop publishing, imaging and design, digital audio, CAD, work stations, broadcast and post production, and game development. DMN is the industry's first choice for news, information and advertising opportunities.

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Broadcast Newsroom

Broadcast Newsroom has a portfolio of over 20 vertical publications serving professionals involved in all aspects of broadcast production. BN focuses on broadcast production, HD technology, webcasting and streaming media, acquistion, digital television, radio, facilities, hardware and software. In addition BN offers dedicated sites serving users of products from specific manufacturers such as Canon, Panasonic, JVC, Sony and Avid. Plus BN offers dedicated sites for the two largest industry tradeshows, NAB and IBC.

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Consumer Electronics Net

Consumer Electronics Net ( CEN ) features detailed daily coverage of leading edge consumer electronics products and technology. Digital cameras, digital video, DVD, home theater, smartphones & PDAs, computers and home office, games and digital entertainment have evolved into essential components of people's daily lives. Adoption of these technologies by the public accelerates their development.

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The US Daily

The US Daily was launched in January 2008. It is a national and international online news site with over 40 distinct news sections. Areas of news coverage include breaking domestic news, politics, entertainment, sports, technology, science, business and world news. USD also provides cutting edge opinions and commentary, national weather and consumer technology reviews.

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IT Business Net

IT Business Net has 11 sites that feature detailed daily coverage of leading edge technology and enterprise news for the IT professional. Software development, enterprise and productivity applications, storage, hardware, internet and networking are essential components of today's business enterprise environment.

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Hotlinks is a pay-for-performance ad unit that delivers traffic to your site via contextually-relevant keywords and phrases found within DMO article-based content.

An advertiser who uses Hotlinks reaches highly relevant users while they are focused on content that is directly relevant to the advertiser's product or service.

▪   Contextual Targeting
▪   Clean & Simple
▪   User Initiated Response
▪   Easy Management
▪   Simple Pricing Model

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DMO Newswire

DMO Newswire is a service that offers PR and Marketing professionals the ability to submit your press releases directly into the DMN Publishing Network. ( This is a free service but requires you to register with DMO Newswire ).

DMO Newswire also offers you the ability to specify the DMN publications your company news will appear on, and gives you control over how long they will remain on the front page. This last option is very important during times of increased press release activity and can keep your company news in front of readers. ( This is a premium service. )

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DMO TextLinks

A text link is a text hyperlink that typically links to a another site webpage. These links are purchased for display on a site, usually for a flat monthly fee. The fee is based on the size and popularity of the site the link is displayed on.

DMO TextLinks are standard text links sold on a flat monthly fee per site, with links appearing on every page of the site. Our main portals: DMN (, CEN (, BN (, IBN ( and USD ( together represent more than 100 sites you can place your company or site links on.

▪   TextLinks : up to four per page, appear on every page of site, home and content pages, in an area called "Top Links". This is our sponsored links section.
▪   Clean & Simple Formats : Your link can be simple text, or enhance it with a small logo image, a box, even a background color.
▪   Direct Links: Your url is displayed and directly linked from out page to your site.
▪   Easy Management : Update them whenever you want.
▪   Simple Pricing Model : one flat fee per month per site.

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The BlogZone

The BlogZone is a free open blog community. At BZ readers and vendors alike can start a blog. The BlogZone offers full multimedia content displays, including text, audio, animation, flash and video clips. From professional blogs to busienss blogs to personal blogs, the BlogZone has it all.

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