What are Hotlinks?

Hotlinks are advertiser-sponsored key words, phrases, or terms that appear highlighted in the editorial and news content published by DMO (Digital Media Online, Inc.) on any one of its online communities -


When readers of the content on either of the DMO sites mouse over a highlighted Hotlinks key word or term on a web page, a Hotlinks textual comment box will appear above or below the word. The text in the box is linked to the sponsors advertising page and if a reader is interested in learning more about the product or message offered in the box, they can click through to the advertisers page. The advertiser sponsoring the link is charged each time a reader clicks on their Hotlinks advertisement. In short, Hotlinks is a CPC service.

Contextual Targeting - Delivers the advertiser’s message whenever relevant content includes the keywords or phrases you have selected.

Clean & Simple - Delivers your message and link within the body of content.

User Initiated Response - Advertising messages appear only when user expresses interest; as a result advertisements are useful not an annoyance.

Easy Management - Advertisers choose relevant keywords and phrases, provide the links they want, a roll over message and how much they want to pay for per click.

Simple Pricing Model - Pay-for-performance (CPC) pricing.

How does Hotlinks work?

An advertiser who is interested in purchasing advertising using Hotlinks would simply open an account through the Hotlinks secured system. In their Hotlinks account, advertisers can select the key words, phrases, or terms that relate to their products or services, set parameters as to the amount of advertising dollars they want to spend, set limits on the CPC values, and set up their auto-bidding parameters.

Once key word or term is selected as a Hotlink, the DMO publishing system searches the entire database of content and locates the word/term. These Hotlinks are then highlighted and displayed in the content published on our web sites. When clicked on, the word or term would link to the advertiser's website or advertisement.

Advertisers can login anytime to the Hotlinks system and monitor their results. The system is secured and it allows them to change key words, change bidding parameters, and change their billing information.

Advertisers initially seed their accounts with a budget and from there they can bid on or select as many key words, phrases, or terms as they'd like. Once the budget has been used or is close to being used up, the Hotlinks system will send notification that their account needs to be replenished.

How are clicks allocated among advertisers?

For each key word or term, up to 3 different advertisers can receive clicks through Hotlinks. The number of clicks is weighted and the weighting is determined through a bidding process. The top bidder will receive 50% of the link opportunities for the key word; the second highest bidder will get 33% of the link opportunities for the key word, and the third highest bidder would get about 17% of the link opportunities for the key word.

Are all Hotlinks words or phrases available to me?

No. We do not sell words or phrases that would be deemed offensive. Nor does the HotLinks service allow the use of copyrighted or trademarked product names to any other company or person other than the holder of the copyright or trademark. In other words, you cannot buy a Hotlink to a competitors name. If, for example, the word "Coke" was a Hotlink , then Pepsi couldn't buy it, Coke is the only company that could buy that word, and vise versa. Hotlinks such as these are available for purchase on an approval basis only in order to protect the proprietary rights to the copyrights or trademarks.

And finally... the legal stuff

Digital Media Online, Inc. reserves the right to revoke any entities right to purchase Hotlinks at any time, for any reason, without prior notification, and at the discretion of the company. If anyone uses the service in a manner deemed not in the spirit of the service, the company can suspend the account of that user at any time.

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