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What are DMO TextLinks? 

A text link is a text hyperlink that typically links to a another site webpage.  These links are purchased for display on a site, usually for a flat monthly fee. The fee is based on the size and popularity of the site the link is displayed on.

DMO TextLinks are links sold through a an online credit card based system. They are sold on a flat monthly fee per site.

These portals: DMN (, CEN (, BN (, IBN ( and USD ( together represent more than 100 sites you can place your company or site links on.

DMO Text Links

  • Text Links : up to four per page, appear on every page of site, home and content pages, in an area called "Top Links". This is our sponsored links section. 
  • Clean & Simple Formats : Your link can be simple text, or enhance it with a small logo image, a box, even a background color. 
  • Direct Links: Your url is displayed and directly linked from out page to your site. 
  • Easy Management : Update them whenever you want. 
  • Simple Pricing Model : one flat fee per month per site.

 How does TextLinks work? 

An advertiser who is interested in purchasing advertising using TextLinks would simply open an account through the TextLinks secured system. In their TextLinks account, advertisers can build the link by adding a title, a textual description, and the actual url to be linked to. And you can enhance it with options such as background colors, box outlines, even an image.  

Advertisers can login anytime to the TextLinks system and edit their links. The system is secured and it allows them to change titles, colors, even the sites they are on. 

How many links are shown per page?

We allow up to four per pageview. If a site has more then four TextLinks assigned to it, they will be randomly and equally displayed throughout the month. 

So what does it cost?

For most sites a Textlink is just $50 per month. Some sites - the most popular - are a bit more. And some options such as images and color can incure a small increase per site. But for the vast majority of sites it's just $50 a month for a text link.

And finally... the legal stuff  

Digital Media Online, Inc. reserves the right to revoke any entities right to purchase TextLinks at any time, for any reason, without prior notification, and at the discretion of the company. If anyone uses the service in a manner deemed not in the spirit of the service, the company can suspend the account of that user at any time.  

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